BTC/BRL +2.36%
26,000.00 brl Volume 24h: 3.98 btc
LTC/BRL +1.57%
323.00 brl Volume 24h: 66.88 ltc
BCH/BRL +3.86%
3,064.00 brl Volume 24h: 7.16 bch
BTG/BRL -0.89%
111.00 brl Volume 24h: 68.84 btg
ETH/BRL -0.77%
1,806.00 brl Volume 24h: 48.80 eth
DASH/BRL +3.35%
956.00 brl Volume 24h: 60.81 dash
DCR/BRL +7.97%
271.00 brl Volume 24h: 13.76 dcr

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